Mediation is perfect in this day and age, where a sense of responsibility and self-determination are highly prized. We believe anyone who opts for mediation deserves a compliment. This choice means that you and the other party are aiming for a sustained solution of the conflict. Our mediators will use your own possibilities and creativity as a springboard for reaching a solution, and we will guide you as you work together towards an outcome that is satisfactory to you both.

In mediation, truth and blame are not the most important. Instead, mediation is about finding room for a solution. Of course the mediators at Mediation Visie will provide a private and safe environment in which privacy, confidentiality and the mutual well-being of you and your counterpart are essential. Most of the time, mediation will be a short procedure. No lengthy or costly dragged-out process, then!

All our mediators are experienced in mediating conflicts where one or more parties have an added vulnerability such as autism, ADHD, ADD or other mental health issues.


In addition to their professional knowledge, our mediators specialise in dealing with differences of opinion and the related emotions. The simple act of mentioning and accepting emotions like sadness, anger, disappointment, uncertainty or reproach, can often create an increased sense of understanding between the parties. While dissent is often experienced as negative, it usually offers the possibility to achieve a positive change. The issue under discussion may bring you closer to the other person, but often it gives way to a greater understanding of yourself, too.


For almost every dispute, a solution can be found that is acceptable to both parties. A condition is that you accept that there is division (you ‘agree to disagree’). And that you want to work towards a shared solution. Our mediators are impartial, both with regard to the parties and the difference of opinion, they do not engage with the substance of the dispute nor do they state any opinion on the matter.


Mediation is aimed at preserving or improving the relationship. This limits emotional damage as much as possible. This is especially relevant in those situations where an ongoing relationship is important. Mediation can offer parties the opportunity to be creative in finding solutions. In our experience a solution that people reach together is more ‘durable’ than a court-imposed ruling.

In emotional and in professional situations, mediation can achieve a win-win situation. No single party wins, but both do. Finding a way out of the bind together, that’s what it’s all about! That is exactly what we will help you do – in a personal and effective manner.

“When I walked out to meet my freedom, I knew that if I didn’t leave all my fear, hatred and bitterness behind, I would still be caught.”
Nelson Mandela