Workplace mediation

A workplace dispute can be caused by all kinds of factors. These may be related to work, but sometimes also to private circumstances. If employees experience too much work pressure, feel undervalued or if there is harassment at work, this can lead to decreased enjoyment and motivation and growing dissatisfaction at work. Work performance begins to suffer and the workplace atmosphere at work can become toxic. Not infrequently this will result in absenteeism .

For everyone concerned this is an undesirable situation that needs to be resolved as soon as possible. By calling in a mediator, we can work together to find a good solution for all parties.

Why choose workplace mediation?

As experienced workplace mediators, we have the specific knowledge and skills to get to the heart of the problem in a short period of time. As a result, parties with a workplace dispute can quickly find a good solution together. Doing so together is one of the basic principles of mediation. All parties need to be committed to achieving a result. It goes without saying that voluntariness and confidentiality are also paramount in workplace mediation. Due to the effective process in which the control remains with the parties and is not transferred to a subdistrict court judge, for example, mediation will have a stimulating and cost-saving effect.

Individual and group mediations

A workplace dispute can occur between employee and employer but also between colleagues or teams or departments. Our mediators in the field of employment are also experienced in mediation with larger groups. In a mediation with more than four parties, we always work with two mediators.