Business mediation

A business conflict is often complicated in its content. The (financial) interests are significant and the number of parties involved can vary. So can the number of issues and the degree to which the conflict may escalate. Often, there is a conflict of interests which, without mediation, might easily get worse and end up in court. Even without the loss of income, active litigation is an extremely costly, inefficient and time-consuming way of resolving the conflict. As a rule, business mediation is preferable and has the added benefit of preventing the conflict escalating further. Besides, business mediation works much faster than going to court. The sooner the business conflict is resolved, the better!

We are experienced in guiding conflicts where resolving the issue within the organisation is top priority. For example, in cases where it is important that the safety and confidentiality of the parties will be safeguarded and any harmful media attention can be avoided. Some examples: whistle blowers’ issues, privacy and company-sensitive information.

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How we work

The business mediator will take control of the content and process, and is result-oriented. This requires the business mediator to not only be knowledgeable in business matters, but also be fluent in wide range of issues and have specialised mediation skills. The business mediator should also be able to deal with various actors in these kinds of processes. They might include advisers, lawyers, supporters and any court-appointed experts. Having an understanding of the culture and how organisational processes work are also essential to a business mediator. It all adds up to reaching a realistically feasible and workable solution. In business mediations we often work with two mediators.

From the outset we will agree to treat each other with respect. All business and personal interests will be outlined in order to build mutual understanding. Moving forward, this will help to achieve a satisfactory solution for the conflict.

The rate for business mediations, depending on the nature, urgency and time of the mediation, is between € 175.00 and € 250.00 an hour.