Autism consultancy

With our Consultancy branch we offer support to organisations with autism-related issues. For example partners/equity partners/managing directors or employees who have to call in sick because of autism, and/or get into disagreements with co-workers for that same reason. As a result, there is a detrimental effect on the performance and wellbeing of everyone involved and the continuity of the organisation may be at risk.


We support our clients in various areas such as personal coaching by professionally (university-level) trained Autism Friendly Coaches. Our experience lies in providing in-company business training according to our own Autism Academy Plan B methodology. This creates mutual support and understanding. If you wish, we can offer support of a specialised business expert, in temporary business operations when an executive has to be absent from work for any given time. It goes without saying that we can also provide advice in the area of (re)structuring work, something which reduces stress in the company.


Onze in autisme gespecialiseerde coaches begeleiden zorgzaam en effectief werknemers die vanwege hun autisme dreigen uit te vallen. Wij bieden begeleiding on the job en kijken mee waar de knelpunten liggen. Onze ervaring is dat er vaak communicatieproblemen zijn die op te lossen zijn bij een juiste begeleiding.

Government grant

The government has a new grant arrangement for small and midsized businesses (‘MKB’ in Dutch), called The SLIM Regeling. This grant is provided for learning and development in SME. Such businesses can apply for a grant from March 2020 to set up their own company school, provide career counselling for their staff, or help to keep the skills of their workers up to date. Larger businesses in the hospitality industry, agriculture and recreation can also apply for a grant. The government has decided to permanently make € 48 million available annually.

Knowledge and experience

All our professionals have been trained at the Autism Academy and are therefore up to date with the latest developments in this field. In addition, we speak the language of the business world, we know the problems and we know what is required, partly from our own experience. We are bold to say that we are specialists in this field. Our approach is result-oriented and we like everything to be clear and out in the open.

We enjoy being your discussion partner in this field and can offer a bespoke solution to specific autism issues.

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